The patterns in nature are fascinating to explore and the variety seems endless. I seek to release the beauty of these patterns through digital imaging. Most of my work is from the natural world; however, when traveling I enjoy architecture, markets, and documenting other cultures. My favorite images are abstract and vaguely familiar, yet strange to the viewer.

My journey to printmaking began in my father's darkroom as a child, continuing through a love of art history, work in ceramics, and the discovery of photography as a dynamic response to the world around me. I think of the computer as a tool for art expression, one that would have captivated many gifted artists in history, especially those who experimented in multiple media forms.

Currently, I capture images with a digital camera,аiPhoneаor scanner, refine them in Photoshop or Apple Apps, and print with pigment-based inks on archival papers, а canvas, metal or acrylic. Recently I am experimenting with a gel transfer process and have been exploring the possibilities of merging video, images, music and drawings/paintings in presentations.

I have participated in group and solo exhibitions in Hawai'i, on the mainland, and internationally. My work has been selected for private collections in North and South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

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